Why TimeConnect Scores over Other Appointment Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business?

Why TimeConnect Scores over Other Appointment Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business?

Oct 19, 2021 | Angela

Cleaning businesses have to provide a variety of cleaning services to clients with field employees. They can boost customer satisfaction only by ensuring that every employee provides cleaning services on schedule. In addition to communicating schedules to every employee early and clearly, supervisors or managers need to ensure that no employee misses out on the schedule assigned to her.

You can invest in the right appointment scheduling software for cleaning business to simplify appointment scheduling and management through process automation. Like other appointment scheduling software solutions, TimeConnect enables you to create, track, and customize appointments without putting in extra time and effort.

But TimeConnect is developed as multi-feature and multi-purpose software for cleaning businesses. In addition to automating appointment scheduling, it comes with features to automate multiple business processes - scheduling, appointments, invoicing, and bidding. TimeConnect further scores over popular cleaning service scheduling and management software due to a slew of native features.

Why You Should Prefer TimeConnect to Appointment Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business?

Intuitive and Customizable Calendar Format

TimeConnect organizes appointments in a calendar format. The calendar format is both intuitive and customizable. You can easily customize the calendar according to your business policies by changing the working hours and the first day of the week. Also, it makes it easier for you to monitor and access upcoming appointments by highlighting the current day. At the same time, you also have the option to change the calendar’s look and style by changing the current view.

Create, Access, and Customize Appointments in Seconds

While using TimeConnect, you can create a new appointment simply by clicking on the plus (+) symbol and selecting the date on the calendar. Also, you can add basic information like location, description, and timing with a single click. Likewise, you can access information about a particular appointment simply by clicking on a specific day. You can make changes to an existing appointment while accessing the basic information without putting in extra time and effort.

Automate Appointment Rescheduling

As mentioned earlier, TimeConnect enables you to create and customize schedules quickly and effortlessly. You can use the software’s repeat feature to automate appointment scheduling end-to-end. The repeat feature allows you to create repeatable appointments. You simply need to specify the frequency of appointments to enable the feature while creating a new appointment. Also, the employee receives appointment reminders according to the schedule. Hence, you are no longer required to schedule appointments manually and repeatedly.

Send Automated Appointment Reminders

Most appointment scheduling software solutions communicate schedules and send appointment reminders through emails. But you can get the TimeConnect employee app installed on the iOS and Android devices of your employees. The employees will get automated appointment reminders directly on the mobile app. Also, you can configure the software to send automated appointment reminders to employees using SMS. Hence, you can send appointment reminders to every employee automatically and effortlessly using TimeConnect as a new-age appointment scheduling software.

Like other widely used appointment scheduling software for cleaning business, TimeConnect enables your business to automate appointment scheduling, tracking, and customization. But you can invest in TimeConnect to automate multiple processes by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Also, your business can curtail expenses using this multi-purpose tool based on monthly plans – standard and enterprise.