Invoicing Software for Cleaning Business | TimeConnect

Creating & managing invoices has never been this easy

Do you want to get rid of creating invoices manually? TimeConnect reduces the tiresome paperwork of invoicing and creates a user-friendly & well-structured invoice.


Create, track, manage invoices for your business

TimeConnect takes that pain away with an interface that makes managing invoices easy.

Generate invoice instantly

With TimeConnect, you can quickly generate a printable Invoice, saving a lot of time and money for users. Just create an invoice format and reuse it with minimal editing to give it a personalized appearance.


Send invoices to customers automatically

Being a business owner creating bills, and sending them to customers is essential, as you can’t make money without sending an invoice. Now automate your billing email with TimeConnect, create your template, and reuse it to quickly send emails to multiple customers.


Print invoice 🖨

Print or download an Invoice in various formats with one click. In case your customer wants a hard copy of the Invoice receipt, then you can easily generate it with the help of TimeConnect.


Track invoice status & payments

Stay well informed about your payments and dues with the Invoice tracker and get paid faster. TimeConnect helps small businesses track their invoice status to keep their financials up-to-date.


Inventory management

Add new items to your inventory and edit or delete them according to your need. By creating a checklist of a few common items beforehand, you don’t have to rewrite every item description on the invoice list. Just one click and add items and descriptions to your invoice list to accelerate your billing process.


Customise Your Invoice format like an expert

Want to add a Logo to make your Invoice look professional or change tax rates according to each state’s tax rate policy? You can customize everything with the help of TimeConnect.