Appointments Booking App for Cleaning Businesses | TimeConnect

Schedule Bookings and Manage All Your Appointments in One App

Do you find it difficult remembering your appointments every time you want to meet a customer or prospect? Would you like to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings with your customers, staff and cleaning team? With TimeConnect, you're just one click away from keeping track of all your appointments, avoiding last-minute disappointments, and keeping misunderstandings with customers and members of your team in check as far as your small cleaning business is concerned.


Track time, manage timesheets, and track employee location anywhere

Create Appointments

Appointment setting has never been this easy! You can create appointments and assign to your employees with TimeConnect so as to save yourself the time required for manual appointment setting as a cleaning business owner. The good news? Refocus on your company's growth, scale-up your small cleaning business, maintain credibility with your customers, and increase productivity of your entire team with professional confidence.


Manage Appointments and Bookings

TimeConnect appointment booking software empowers you to manage all your bookings, appointments and tasks efficiently and profitably in such a way that benefits your business, staff and customers. TimeConnect's appointment booking also provides an auto fill option, which allows you to effectively fill appointment details with similar titles, save time, and get more done!


Schedule and Manage Repeat Appointments

Schedule repeat appointments easily with TimeConnect and manage all your repeat appointments in one place so that you don't have to go through the stress of handling single appointments. TimeConnect provides a user-friendly calendar tool to help you keep track of all your upcoming appointments.


Send Automated Appointment Reminders to Customers

Remind your customers of upcoming service appointments with TimeConnect's customizable automated text message reminder and get appointment notification on email to stay well informed when a customer books or update appointments from their customer portal.