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Create Employees Weekly Schedule with TimeConnect

Tired of emailing employees their work schedule? No more, with TimeConnect, you’ll get a complete employee management solution. Easily create a schedule and notify your teams without any hassle. Clean & Attractive user interface makes it easier to learn and master TimeConnect, even for first-time users.


Scheduling features for which most of people recommend us

TimeConnect provides the best platform for small businesses to automate and simplify their process of saving company and employee related documents centralized at one place.

Create an Ideal Schedule for Employees

Plan employee’s schedule on an hourly basis and simplify day-to-day operations. With a simple click, create a schedule and assign work to your staff. Choose on what days you want to assign your staff with the location. Easily create and update your team about upcoming shifts or changes.


Track and Manage Schedule from Web as well as App

Employees can check their schedule anytime for the whole week along with their shift timings on TimeConnect. Users can view them on the web as well as on their smartphone app. You can create and publish those shifts so your employees can see them. TimeConnect is an easy-to-use scheduling software for small businesses as it works in real-time and lets you sync your schedule across all devices and platforms.


Publish Schedule to Notify your Staff

Publish option notifies about work schedule to everyone on your team by sending them Emails. It also shows total shifts, hours, and labor costs. Drive better results by automation of email notification and grow your business with TimeConnect.


Copy & Paste Previous Week's Schedule with One Click

Manually updating every week’s schedule is hectic and time-consuming. Spend less time scheduling by copying previous week’s schedule and paste them to upcoming weeks.


Print & Save the Schedule

Print work schedule with wages or without wages for every week with one click. You can also download a PDF file of the schedule by clicking on download icon.


We cover everything your business needs

Enjoy these features on any device you prefer - desktop, smartphone or kiosk!

Create cleaning proposals from cleaning proposal templates and send it to client directly through TimeConnect
Create cleaning bid proposals in few steps.
Cleaning business invoices.


Manage all invoice operation
Appointment scheduling app for cleaning business


Manage and assign employees to recurring appointments.
Real time employee timesheet, printable employee timesheet with wages, hours, overdue and employee location.


Manage all employee timesheets & export in PDF.
Create weekly schedule for your employees, publish them and they will be available on TimeConnect scheduling app


Team schedule, publish & automatic wage calculation & print.
Manage your employees, customers, documents and everything with few simple clicks.

Team management

Manage all team data, W4 Form, wages & roles, documents
Track your employee location during their working hours

Location tracking

Track employees' working location
TimeConnect provides clock in and clock out app for employees. Automatically calculates break, overtime and create report.

Time clock in/out

Clock in/clock out. Paid, unpaid break & auto wages calculation
Communicate with team directly through website or messaging app for cleaning businesses.

Team communication

Direct chat with employees
Customers are sent automatic reminders, inform them before visiting the site!

Automatic reminder

Automatic appointment notifications through SMS
Manage all cleaning business documents with ease. Create W4 forms and store employee data securely.

Document management

Ease access of all employees and organization document
See all your past customers, their proposals and invoices.

Customer management

Manage all customer details and data