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Create Employees Weekly Schedule with TimeConnect

Tired of emailing employees their work schedule? No more, with TimeConnect, you’ll get a complete employee management solution. Easily create a schedule and notify your teams without any hassle. Clean & Attractive user interface makes it easier to learn and master TimeConnect, even for first-time users.


Scheduling features for which most of people recommend us

TimeConnect provides the best platform for small businesses to automate and simplify their process of creating weekly employee schedule.

Create an Ideal Schedule for Employees

Plan employee’s schedule on an hourly basis and simplify day-to-day operations. With a simple click, create a schedule and assign work to your staff. Choose on what days you want to assign your staff with the location. Easily create and update your team about upcoming shifts or changes.


Track and Manage Schedule from Web as well as App

Employees can check their schedule anytime for the whole week along with their shift timings on TimeConnect. Users can view them on the web as well as on their smartphone app. You can create and publish those shifts so your employees can see them. TimeConnect is an easy-to-use scheduling software for small businesses as it works in real-time and lets you sync your schedule across all devices and platforms.


Publish Schedule to Notify your Staff

Publish option notifies about work schedule to everyone on your team by sending them Emails. It also shows total shifts, hours, and labor costs. Drive better results by automation of email notification and grow your business with TimeConnect.


Copy & Paste Previous Week's Schedule with One Click

Manually updating every week’s schedule is hectic and time-consuming. Spend less time scheduling by copying previous week’s schedule and paste them to upcoming weeks.


Print & Save the Schedule

Print work schedule with wages or without wages for every week with one click. You can also download a PDF file of the schedule by clicking on download icon.


Less work, more flow

TimeConnect was built out of our own necessity. As a former cleaning business, we deeply understand the difficulty involved having large day at work and ending up managing 4 softwares at night. TimeConnect is proud to offer a software that simply works, while focusing on the best customer experience and fair and simple pricing.

Pay less, get more

A fully featured multi-purpose software at a price of single-purpose software

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Residential Maid Service
Window Cleaning
Move In/Out Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Tile Maintenance
Post Construction Cleaning
Pressure Washer
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Track Invoice
Manage Payments
Time Tracking
Location Tracking
Email Tracking
Work Report Generation
Employee Management
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Document Upload Support
Company Policy Creation

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