Top 5 Document Management Software Solutions for Cleaning Businesses

Top 5 Document Management Software Solutions for Cleaning Businesses

Nov 02, 2021 | Angela

The consistent growth of the cleaning services market creates opportunities for small and independent businesses to generate recurring revenue by offering a variety of residential and commercial cleaning services. But no entrepreneur can start and run a cleaning business successfully without managing important legal documents and employee documents securely.

In addition to storing every document securely, your cleaning business needs to ensure that authorized employees can access the document without any hassle and delay. You can invest in the right document management software to store every document securely in a centralized location. Also, the software will enable authorized employees to access specific documents anytime and anywhere over the internet.

But you must remember that the employee document management software solutions differ from each other in many aspects – collaborative features, data security, technical support, and vendor’s industry expertise. That is why; you must consider some of the widely used document management software for small businesses.

Comparing 5 Popular Document Management Software for Cleaning Businesses

1) M-Files

M-Files is developed as an intelligent information management platform. Businesses from various sectors opt for M-Files to facilitate controlled document management. In addition to storing business and employee documents securely, the software enables you to control who can access the information. Also, it revokes permission to access documents each time an employee leaves your business or her role changes. You can consider M-Files to ensure that employees can access relevant information and instructions anytime and anywhere.

2) PaperTracer

As its name suggests, PaperTracer helps your business manage both paper and digital documents efficiently. You can use the software to store both paper and digital documents in a single database. You can further leverage the features provided by PaperTracer to scan new documents, allow employees to access digital documents, and track changes made to documents. Also, you can access and manage documents from various locations as the software is deployed in the cloud. But you must remember that PaperTracer is not developed or customized for cleaning businesses.

3) DocuWare

DocuWare is developed as a multi-feature enterprise solution. It simplifies document management using the feature Smart Document Control. You have the option to choose from the cloud and on-premise versions of the document management software. DocuWare facilitates digital transformation through the digitalization of paper documents. Both managers and employees can use the software to automate a variety of documents directly. DocuWare further enables remote and field employees to access the document over the internet from diverse locations. But your cleaning business might not need the additional and advanced features provided by Docuware.

4) Zoho Docs

You have the option to choose from two different editions of the document management software – Zoho Docs (for individuals) and Zoho Workplace (for teams). A business can leverage Zoho Workplace to make remote and field employees collaborate through shared and secured access to important digital files. You can use the software to store, organize, and manage various files in a shared space. It further keeps all documents secure by adhering to industry-specific compliance standards. But Zoho Docs is not developed with features to meet the document management needs of cleaning businesses.

5) TimeConnect

TimeConnect is developed as multi-purpose software for cleaning businesses. You can leverage this new-age software to automate several business processes – bidding, scheduling, timekeeping, employee tracking, and invoicing. Also, TimeConnect features a company vault for cleaning business that enables you to upload, store, organize, and access all legal documents and crucial files from a centralized location. At the same time, you can leverage TimeConnect as employee document management software to store, organize, access, download, and print staff documents with a single click.

You have the option to choose from a wide range of document management software solutions. But you can boost operational efficiency by choosing document management software that is developed specifically for cleaning businesses. You can further consider one of the multi-purpose software for cleaning businesses that come with native features to simplify document organization and management.