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Organize Your Company’s Legal Documents in Company Vault

In the company vault, you can store each and every document related to your organization. Save your valuable time by organizing all of your necessary documents in one centralized location. Company vault will help you in accessing essential documents whenever needed.


Document Center features for which most of people recommend us

TimeConnect provides the best platform for small businesses to automate and simplify their process of saving company and employee related documents centralized at one place.

Storing & Accessing All Your Important Documents in One Place

TimeConnect helps business owners store their important documents and access them with one click. This will keep all of your relevant and crucial files secure and organized in one place. If your folder is filled with countless documents, you can obtain your desired document with the Search option.


Upload Any Required Documents with a Simple Click

Add documents and reports of your company and employees by clicking on add documents. Users can add documents in various formats like .pdf, .txt, pptx, ppt, xlsx, .jpg, .doc, .docx, etc upto 80mb size.


Manage Your Employee’s Documents with TimeConnect

Save all official documents of the employees separately and access them easily in TimeConnect’s document folder. Organize all of your staff documents in one place, which can help you manage a large number of employee data and records.


Print, Download & View Your Documents with Ease

Preview document files easily with one click and access every single document in one place. Download essential files to view them offline at your convenience or print it to keep physical records.


Less work, more flow

TimeConnect was built out of our own necessity. As a former cleaning business, we deeply understand the difficulty involved having large day at work and ending up managing 4 softwares at night. TimeConnect is proud to offer a software that simply works, while focusing on the best customer experience and fair and simple pricing.

Pay less, get more

A fully featured multi-purpose software at a price of single-purpose software

Janitorial Office Cleaning
Residential Maid Service
Window Cleaning
Move In/Out Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Tile Maintenance
Post Construction Cleaning
Pressure Washer
Create Invoice
Track Invoice
Manage Payments
Time Tracking
Location Tracking
Email Tracking
Work Report Generation
Employee Management
Customer Management
Document Upload Support
Company Policy Creation

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