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Create Window Cleaning Service Proposals with TimeConnect

Create professional and personalized proposals for window cleaning services that will leave your clients impressed using our Window Cleaning Business Software. Simply input the details of the building and windows to generate a comprehensive and accurate quote, and win new business with ease.


Features for which most people recommend uss

Our Window Cleaning Business Software simplifies window cleaning proposals, enabling you to create professional and comprehensive cleaning quotes quickly and easily.

Area Calculations

With TimeConnect, simply input the number of plain windows that require cleaning, and let the software automatically generate cleaning tasks for you. No need for manual input, saving you time and effort.


Price Suggestion for Window Cleaning Estimate

TimeConnect makes it easy to add in, out, and in/out window cleaning options, along with work descriptions or price breakdowns for one-time or recurring visits. Simply input the area calculations and employee wages, and let the software handle the rest, saving you time and reducing the difficulty of the process with our Window Cleaning Estimate Software.


Professional Window Cleaning Service Proposals

After you're done with putting the data which more or less involves few clicks, using our Window Cleaning Proposal Template, TimeConnect generates you a professional proposal with all details prefilled. Your company details, logo, agreements, tasks depending upon area and everything perfectly mentioned and ready to sent to client. Since window cleaning proposal can be a residential or commercial proposal, it is made friendly and easy to understand so client feels like home or formal depending on the type. If you need to change anything, you can always go back and adjust accordingly.


TimeConnect ✈ Client Mailbox

Click the email button and send proposal directly to your client without even opening your mailbox; plus you get to see whether they have opened the mail or not! When the customer reply to the email, you'll receive it on your registered company email address.


Why TimeConnect?

Go professional with our residential cleaning proposal software

A residential cleaning business software is a way to approach all jobs like a professional. Our residential cleaning cost calculator ensures that your job costing is done professionally. It also generates presentable reports in a portable format. In addition, you can choose to create award-winning job proposals with this tool. This enhances your chances of being hired for a residential cleaning job.

House cleaning business software with the best mobile experience

With TimeConnect Manager app, you can generate your project costs and proposals in the office or choose to do this on the go. You can get accurate job costs and professional proposals with your desktops, smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

Be ahead of the competition

In a crowded marketplace, only professional businesses with cutting-edge technology get the recognition and opportunity they deserve. What other house cleaning cost application provides you with an estimate for a house cleaning project? Many frontline businesses have expanded their operations using this tool. This residential cleaning business software gives your company the competitive edge.