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Create Janitorial Proposals for Cleaning Jobs with TimeConnect

Whether it's residential or commercial proposal, a professionally made proposal stands out of any other and wins the bid. TimeConnect auto generates a right proposal with right pricing and description for you.


The features for which most of people recommend us

Janitorial is the most popular module in our bidding software. It let members create professional office cleaning proposals for a variety of building types.

Area Calculations

TimeConnect suggests area calculations automatically based on total sq.ft. provided. You can always add rooms and more area or update other area as per your need.


Price Suggestion

When the area calculations and employee wages are fed, TimeConnect suggests a price, upon which you can enter your own price and see profit percentage you will earn in real time.


Professional Bid Proposal

After you're done with putting the data which more or less involves few clicks, TimeConnect generates you a professional proposal with all details prefilled. Your company details, logo, agreements, tasks depending upon area and everything perfectly mentioned and ready to sent to client. If you need to change anything, you can always go back and adjust accordingly.


TimeConnect ✈ Client Mailbox

Click the email button and send proposal directly to your client without even opening your mailbox; plus you get to see whether they have opened the mail or not! When the customer reply to the email, you'll receive it on your registered company email address.


Less work, more flow

TimeConnect was built out of our own necessity. As a former cleaning business, we deeply understand the difficulty involved having large day at work and ending up managing 4 softwares at night. TimeConnect is proud to offer a software that simply works, while focusing on the best customer experience and fair and simple pricing.

Pay less, get more

A fully featured multi-purpose software at a price of single-purpose software

Janitorial Office Cleaning
Residential Maid Service
Window Cleaning
Move In/Out Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Tile Maintenance
Post Construction Cleaning
Pressure Washer
Create Invoice
Track Invoice
Manage Payments
Time Tracking
Location Tracking
Email Tracking
Work Report Generation
Employee Management
Customer Management
Document Upload Support
Company Policy Creation

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