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Managing employees has never been this easy

Simplify your employee management process with TimeConnect's user-friendly software. Streamline HR tasks and gain a well-structured overview of employee information, reducing paperwork and allowing you to focus on what really matters - managing your team.


Manage employees database for your business

Effortlessly manage your employees with TimeConnect's intuitive software. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily track employee information, manage schedules, and streamline HR tasks, reducing the burden of manual processes and saving you time and effort.

Employees Quick View and Messaging on the go

Access a quick view of your employees and stay connected on the go with TimeConnect's messaging feature. With our software, you can easily view employee information and communicate with your team from anywhere, streamlining your workflow.


Update profile, change pin and wages as needed

Effortlessly update employee profiles, change pins, and adjust wages as needed with our intuitive software. With TimeConnect, managing employee information is a breeze, saving you time and streamlining the entire process.


W4 Forms, Documents and more

Stay organized and easily manage important employee documents, such as W4 forms and more, with TimeConnect's comprehensive software. With our platform, you can efficiently store and access employee documents, reducing the burden of manual paperwork and keeping your team organized.


Terminate employees and re-hire to keep record

Effortlessly terminate employees and re-hire them while keeping records. Our platform streamlines the process of managing employee terminations and rehires, reducing paperwork and saving you time and effort.

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