Employee Clock in/out and Location Tracking | TimeConnect

Time and Location Tracking has Never been this Simple!

Would you like to keep track of the time and location of your employees with a timesheet you can trust? TimeConnect saves all your employee past time in a timesheet, plus real-time location data and other valuable insights, so that you can easily access them anytime.

Track time, manage timesheets, and track employee location anywhere

TimeConnect solves the problem of location tracking and time management in one place by providing valuable insights and data needed to track your employees' location and time and reduces the cumbersome paperwork for your business.

Track employee work with ease

With TimeConnect, you can manage employees' clock in and out with ease anywhere and anytime. What's more? Your employees get to also enjoy a stress-free clock in and clock out experience using our kiosk app


Manage timesheets

As a cleaning business owner, you want to make sure each employee is on duty in the right time to avoid misunderstandings. TimeConnect provides an interface that allows you to see your employees' clock in and out data, edit timesheets on the go and attach site images which you can also share with them.