What are the main differences between residential and commercial cleaning proposals?

What are the main differences between residential and commercial cleaning proposals?

Nov 05, 2022 | Audrey
Cleaning proposals help cleaning businesses present their interest to take on a cleaning job. This can be within a residential property or a commercial/public facility. A proposal is a document that is formally used to express your interest to provide janitorial services for a client. When creating a cleaning proposal, it is recommended that businesses be as professional as possible. This enhances their chances of getting awarded the cleaning contract. While both commercial and residential cleaning contracts require proposals, they are quite different.

From the type of contract to the proposal layout, residential and commercial cleaning contracts are quite different. 

The importance of cleaning proposals

Janitorial businesses are starting to recognize the importance of cleaning proposals to their revenue. This is why many of these companies are starting to consider using janitorial proposal software applications. With such an application, you are sure to get a full and detailed proposal. A more detailed proposal designed professionally will increase the chances of a janitorial services company winning a contract. 

The differences between a residential and commercial cleaning proposal

Janitorial proposal software can be used to generate the right proposal for any job. When it does, you always have a professional feel and layout for each project. 

The residential cleaning proposal

A residential cleaning proposal is an important document that many janitorial services companies use when bidding for residential cleaning contracts. A house cleaning business software can be used to create this type of proposal. The basic elements of the residential cleaning proposal are:

Simple work specifications: This type of proposal features a simple cleaning work specification. It enumerates the job by tasks without stating further details. It is usually divided into rooms. Each room features a set of tasks that should be performed regularly.
A straightforward layout: Residential cleaning proposals have simple and clear layouts. This means that they contain only basic and important information that is meant to give an overview of the cleaning contract.

A simple price schedule: This price schedule for this type of proposal is usually estimated as a simple lump sum without any details. The proposal usually analyzes the price of the job based on each visit. 

Pre-cleaning requirements: As a residential proposal, this document also highlights some of the expectations of the cleaning business. This part of the document informs the client about what they are supposed to do and prepare the house for the janitorial company. 

Allowance for rescheduling: A residential cleaning proposal takes into consideration that the homeowner may not be around when the cleaning company arrives. This way, the proposal always creates special allowances for missed engagements. This way, it usually demands the client state a convenient cleaning time. 

Information about the cleaning team: This proposal also states the team that will be responsible for cleaning the house. 

Short and concise: Unlike commercial and public cleaning proposals, a residential cleaning proposal is usually short. It contains as much basic information as possible to ensure that it states the essential elements of the job. 

The commercial cleaning proposal

A commercial cleaning proposal is different from a residential cleaning proposal. While they both perform similar functions, they are quite different in detail. A commercial cleaning proposal features a document that a janitorial services company uses to express their interest to take on a cleaning contract with a commercial facility. This type of proposal are also suitable for public buildings and government properties as well. The basic elements of the commercial cleaning proposal are:

A professional layout: This type of proposal can be generated by the software for small cleaning business. It comes with a professional layout and format. It usually addresses the client as a business-to-business (B2B) relationship. 

High-level job specification: Unlike the residential cleaning proposal, this type of proposal features a high-level job specification. This means that tasks are specified along with their frequency on a weekly or monthly basis. 

More detailed: This type of proposal usually comes with more details and information. It usually includes the breakdown of the project especially in terms of cleaning duration, cleaning areas, frequency of cleaning, and so on.

Service level and engagement: A commercial cleaning proposal will explicitly state how the job will be done. This will mean that it will state the number of cleaners, items to be cleaned, time of resumption, closing time, cleaning techniques used, equipment, and so on.

A professional invoicing feature: With invoice software for cleaning business, you are sure to get a professional and accurate invoice for each cleaning job. This type of proposal features a well-designed invoice, accurate calculations, monthly payments, upfront payments, and so on. 

Business credentials: A commercial cleaning proposal is a document that is sent from one business to another. Due to the severity of the project, this type of proposal comes with more features and details. It usually calls for more documentation from the janitorial services company. With this proposal, the cleaning services company attaches some more documents to the proposal. Documents that accompany the cleaning proposal include the company's business license, business registration, certificate of liability insurance, and so on.