Top 6 Essential Cleaning Tools Every Small Cleaning Business Must Have

Top 6 Essential Cleaning Tools Every Small Cleaning Business Must Have

Nov 19, 2022 | Keira
Running a successful cleaning business and managing the efficiency of your cleaning team requires a lot of time, intentional effort, and consistency. As a small cleaning business owner, closing a sale goes far beyond having trained professionals in your cleaning team. 

You also need a well-equipped cleaning team to ensure efficient cleaning service delivery. Nothing beats effort like cleaning with bad tools. To keep your cleaning team motivated, it is necessary to provide essential cleaning tools for your cleaning team during each residential cleaning session. 

Do you remember what they say about a worker complaining about his tools? Sure, that age-old mantra works a lot. The use of essential cleaning tools for commercial or residential cleaning makes the work of your cleaning team faster and less difficult. It also gives your brand that professional feel needed to attract new cleaning clients in the future. What's more?  

Empowering your cleaning staff with essential cleaning tools will not only increase the efficiency of their work, but it will also increase the credibility of your brand, while also helping you close more deals with cleaning prospects and repeat customers after a job well done. Who doesn't need word-of-mouth referrals for their business anyway? I bet you do need them! 

Although there are several good cleaning equipment and tools available in the market for you to try, choosing the most essential tools for your cleaning team may be difficult if you're just starting your cleaning business, or maybe you have been in the cleaning business for quite some time and would like to restock your cleaning supplies. 

If any of these descriptions fit your cleaning business perfectly, then this article is for you. Here are the top 5 essential cleaning tools every small cleaning business must have in order to optimize cleaning time per residential space and also increase the efficiency of your cleaning team. 

1. Hand Broom, Brush, and Dustpan

Essential cleaning tools to be kept handy are brooms and dustpans which are basically used for cleaning dust and dirt from dry surfaces. Brushes are used for scrubbing dirt out of surfaces. In situations where a vacuum cleaner is unavailable or inaccessible, brooms act as the best alternative. 

From cleaning the top surface of tables, wardrobes, shelves, and ceiling, brooms and brushes are the best choices for cleaning far-reach areas without difficulty. Having both cleaning tools handy can go a long way in improving the quality of your cleaning service delivery. 

2. Trash Can, Bin, or Bag
Trash bins, cans, and bags do the job of handling dirt, dust, and garbage efficiently. They also provide a clutter-free space that encourages improved environmental hygiene. 

Plastic trash bags are portable and can be used for storing dry or wet trash. Trash cans and bins are best used for office or home cleaning and are available with different sizes, colors, and material strengths. 

3. Hand Gloves

Hand gloves are what they are - simple tools for keeping your hands free from dust while cleaning a dirty surface, item, or chemical substance. The importance of wearing handgloves can not be overemphasized. 

Ensure that all members of your cleaning staff wear latex, nitrile or vinyl handgloves before commencing work. Gloves act as safety and precautionary nets that prevent direct contact with dirty stuff that can cause infections or chemical substances that can cause burn.  

4. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are used for keeping floors, curtains and furniture clean. This cleaning tool consists of a compartment filter that stores dirt and dust, and protects the surrounding air from dust that may harbor allergens. Overall, vacuum cleaners should be cleaned at least twice every month or according to usage. 

They ease the job of cleaning and reduce the time spent on cleaning a particular space. Although they come in different sizes and capacity, a vacuum cleaner is a very important cleaning tool you need in your arsenal if you want to get cleaning done effectively and save time.   

5. Cleaning Solution

One of the most important things to consider before commencing any cleaning work is having the right cleaning solution available. Cleaning solutions are used to eliminate surface germs, and remove dirt and dust from window panes, table tops and other surfaces such as glass doors and mirrors.  

These surfaces hold a lot of dust and dirt as a result of constant touch with dirty hands. Strong cleaning solutions are used for offices, residential and commercial cleaning to keep the environment tidy. 

6. Cleaning Cart or Storage Caddy

A cleaning cart or caddy is used for organizing and holding all other cleaning tools in one place. Otherwise known as janitorial carts, they are used to transport handgloves, brooms, trash bags, dustpans, cleaning solution, brushes, and etc. 

If you want your cleaning team to handle residential or commercial cleaning as fast as possible, then having a janitorial cart available is a necessity. 


In order to run a successful cleaning business, your cleaning team should be well trained and well equipped at the same time. Cleaning tools are essential materials needed to deliver effective and efficient cleaning service. 

Cleaning tools such as brooms, dustpans, brushes, vacuum cleaners, hand gloves, trash bags/cans, cleaning solution, janitorial cart or cleaning caddy are the most essential tools you want to provide for your cleaning team if you want them to deliver excellent cleaning service to your clients. 

With cleaning tools handy,  your cleaning team can get residential or commercial cleaning jobs done faster while giving your clients that professional touch of excellence in their homes or offices. 

Also, this can make a great difference for your cleaning business especially if you want to retain customers and attract new cleaning clients in the long run.