The Pandemic’s Wake Drives Automation Trends in Janitorial / Cleaning services

The Pandemic’s Wake Drives Automation Trends in Janitorial / Cleaning services

Nov 08, 2021 | Angela

Businesses that the Covid-19 epidemic has hit have now slowly boomed again. The janitorial and cleaning business is one of the leading service sectors which has seen massive growth with the opening of offices and public places. This is a good sign for business owners across all industries, and it is expected that the use of technology in cleaning businesses will be heavily adopted in 2022 to streamline their business operations. 

Cleaning software makes running a business a lot easier and more organized, which will probably save you a ton of vital time. By automating your business, you can spend more time growing the business rather than organizing it.

Here's an in-depth assessment of some of our 2022 predictions for Automation:

  •  Benefits of Automation in Janitorial / Cleaning business. Companies with advanced automation programs will wipe out their competition, not just beat them. Those who are still running their business with paper and pen will hardly be successful and will not augur well for expansion.

  •  Minimizing Human error = Customer Satisfaction. Manually creating invoices, quotes or scheduling will result in an error at some point which gradually reduces the trust of customers. The only way to reduce these mistakes is to streamline your operations with the use of cleaning software that directly ensures customer satisfaction.

  •  Use of Technology in Automating Workflow. 55% of the janitorial businesses are using some sort of software to run their business, whether it’s for scheduling, time tracking, or generating invoices. According to research by TimeConnect, it is predicted that in 2022 there will be a significant change for Cleaning business owners in using technology for their management and operations. The availability of the internet and mobile/computer devices is a precursor to the use of automation in the services industry. Using technology will boost your overall performance and enhance the quality of your work. So would it be right for you to automate your cleaning business?

The main objective of the cleaning business is to operate with efficiency and pay more attention to its growth and development. To get ahead of their competitors, businesses must build on the lessons learned from the pandemic and take automation to a level that enhances their creativity and employees. The efforts will pay off for those with the grit to achieve what most will not. 

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