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How to Handle Recurring Challenges Faced by Maid and Cleaning Businesses?

Aug 19, 2021 | Keira

Most enterprises these days work with remote and offsite employees to curtail operational overheads. But cleaning businesses and maid businesses have to work exclusively with remote employees and field employees. They cannot operational efficiency and customer satisfaction consistently without managing field employees efficiently and boosting their productivity consistently.

In addition to accessing the current location of every employee, the managers need to focus extensively on boosting their productivity and minimizing idle time. That is why; tracking of remote employees and field employees is one of the recurring challenges for maid businesses and cleaning businesses. The managers have to address a slew of challenges and issues proactively to ensure operational efficiency.

Identifying 5 Recurring Challenges Faced by Cleaning and Maid Business Owners

1) Utilizing Employees Fully

No business can increase revenue and sustain growth without preventing situations like employee underutilization. The cleaning and maid business owners can generate more revenue only when every employee visits the customer and deliver services according to predefined schedules. Also, they need to ensure that the same employees can deliver services to more clients without feeling stressed or overburdened.

2) Ensuring Employees Visit Customers

As noted earlier, cleaning and maid businesses have to work mostly with field workers. Business owners can improve customer experience and retain customers only by ensuring that each employee visits the customer and deliver the required services on time. Often maid business owners have to deploy supervisors to ensure that employees visit customers in person and on time.

3) Making Employees

Following Preset Schedules The managers often find it easier to prepare schedules than making field employees follow the preset schedules. A cleaning business or maid business cannot impress and retain customers without delivering the required service on time without repeat calls and reminders. The managers have to explore ways to make every field employee follow preset schedules honestly and transparently.

4) Minimizing Idle

Time Every business these days finds it challenging to track the movement and activities of field employees. Hence, managers have to explore ways to reduce idle time continuously. But they lack the option to check if a field worker is spending additional time by staying in a specific client’s place unnecessarily. The managers can reduce idle time only when they can ensure that the employees are not wasting their time by sitting idle.

5) Curtailing Expenses and Reimbursements

Most cleaning businesses and maid businesses these days work with temporary employees. In addition to paying them at hourly rates, employers reimburse certain expenses like fuel charges. The managers often find it challenging to calculate the variable expenses due to a lack of options to track employee movement and activities. Hence, businesses have to incur recurring expenses related to field employee transportation.

Like other enterprises, maid and cleaning businesses can boost employee productivity and increase revenue only by addressing a slew of challenges proactively. TimeConnect helps such businesses to track remote employees continuously by leveraging the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS gathers position information about an individual or device accurately through a global network of satellites.

The business owners and managers can use the location tracking software for cleaning businesses and maid service location tracking software to track employee location and activities based on real-time information data collected using GPS. They can further manage field employees more efficiently by availing of the software’s scheduling and timekeeping features.