How to efficiently manage your employee timesheet?

How to efficiently manage your employee timesheet?

Sep 18, 2022 | Audrey
Timesheets are an essential component of workload management and project cost prediction. With timesheets, you can see clearly how your projects are managed effectively. When you approach employee time as a resource, you can make the most of it on every project.

Printable employee timesheets are a quick and straightforward method to impact your organization's operations significantly. They are used by businesses of all sizes, remote teams, and rising startups. Employees can keep it at their desks and submit it at the end of each workday or workweek. While timesheets offer many advantages, you will only profit from them to the most extent if you implement them successfully. If your staff finds them tedious and doubts your intentions, the practice won't be as. Here's how to manage timesheets for your staff members and boost productivity.


The ideal place to begin is by clearly defining team expectations. This requires project management organization, especially if you're planning multiple projects. Setting expectations and anticipating all timesheet inquiries will immediately reduce needless back and forth between your team.


The maintenance of timesheets isn't always as simple as entering a start time and an end time and calling it a day. It would be best if you frequently classified your times. Time spent on various jobs does not all count equally.
Ask team members to divide their timesheets into billable and non-billable hours to understand the project scope better. When categorizing time, it's essential to consider timesheet submission for sick leave or overtime hours.


Setting up a single person in charge of time-tracking tasks is a simple failsafe for managing timesheets. Accuracy and responsibility could be enhanced as a result. It may be a project manager or a member of the HR department.


Create a transparent workplace culture where all employee timesheets, including yours and the executives', are disclosed to all employees. This way, everyone can see what the other is working on, and less productive workers will feel a little pressure to improve their productivity to keep up with their peers.


If you aren't reviewing your timesheets, you aren't getting much use from them beyond ensuring you are accurately managing payroll and invoicing. Examine timesheet stats as you advance with your upcoming project.


The simplest method to determine whether time tracking will benefit you and your company is to start doing it. The most complex challenge of keeping time is continuing the habit.
When used effectively, timesheets will soon become the standard for your team, and finishing them will be another element of attaining success as a whole. The extensive data that time monitoring will provide will soon make you wonder how you managed to manage your tasks without it.
If you're prepared to adopt timesheets in your company, keep in mind to communicate clearly and openly with your staff and make it something they'll want to utilize. Only then will you realize the full range of advantages these tools offer.

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