How To Effectively Track Employees' Location While Keeping Privacy Regulations In Check

How To Effectively Track Employees' Location While Keeping Privacy Regulations In Check

Oct 02, 2022 | Audrey
Keeping your employees' location in check through the use of a GPS-enabled employee tracking app is a very important aspect of running a productive and successful cleaning business. 

What's more to this? You get real time updates about where your employees are located while they're handling your work, when they clock in and out, how much time they spend per task, and if each task is handled at the right time. 

With these insights, you can ascertain whether they're really doing the job right or wasting blocks of time sitting in front of a computer screen. Although employee location tracking may seem like a breach of privacy regulations, it is evidently a prerequisite factor to consider when making decisions that will take your cleaning business to the next level. 

In this article, we'll discuss how to effectively track your employee's location with TimeConnect as a cleaning business owner while ensuring that all legal privacy regulations are given equal attention. 

Let's dive in! 

1. Be Honest and Open With Your Employees About Why You're Tracking Their Location 

Mutual respect plays a great role in the success story of every business irrespective of the working environment. If you want the best from your employees, then you need to respect them.  As a cleaning business owner and employer, you should get comfortable with discussing why you're monitoring the location of your employees. 

Provide an opportunity for them to share their thoughts about your tracking system, give feedback and not feel judged about their concerns. Being transparent and honest enough to allow them communicate their concerns will help you maintain a reasonable acceptance rate from your employees. Note that if your employees are not comfortable with your monitoring, their productivity rates may be affected as well. 

2.  Know When To Draw The Line

Tracking employee performance is a great idea, but what if it becomes the opposite of that? What happens when your employees start feeling uncomfortable? You should see your employee tracking app as a medium for checking compliance rather than a threat of oppressive imprisonment. If your employees are uncomfortable with your monitoring process, pay attention to their concerns and know when to the draw the line. 

3. Gamify Your Employee Tracking Process 

Monitoring and tracking employees all by yourself can be very boring. To get the best results, consider integrating a reward program in your employee tracking system to make sure that  all compliant employees among your staff receive full recognition and adequate compensation. This will encourage them to do better in the long run and also help them stay motivated  instead of being uncomfortable about your monitoring process. 

4. Research Existing Legal Employee Privacy Regulations 

Assuming that your employee tracking process is in line with existing employee privacy regulations is not a good way to start your employee tracking journey. Find and read government-standard employee privacy policies especially if you're working with a remote team with members of different cultural diversities. You should get acquainted with existing legal regulations on employee privacy matters first in your country. This will keep you informed and also act as a benchmark for creating reasonable boundaries before you start using an employee tracking app. The goal is to make sure that you're not violating any governmental laws or trespassing your legal boundaries.  

5. Use A Reliable Employee Tracking Software

Tracking employee GPS location has been simplified by the use of convenient and reliable employee tracking applications. One such powerful tool is TimeConnect. TimeConnect is a GPS and time tracking solution for organizations looking to monitor the activities of their employees in real time. 

With TimeConnect application, employee GPS tracking has been made easier! Your employees can easily clock in and out with their GPS locations in check,  managers can also track employee attendance and other performance metrics. 

In conclusion, deciding whether employee location tracking is right for you depends solely on your business goals as a cleaning business owner. However, you should also consider  all the benefits employee location tracking brings to the table for your business in the long term.