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How to create a winning proposal for janitorial cleaning services?

May 20, 2021 | Sumer

If you want to impress a new client or maintain your existing client base for your janitorial services then you should consider a few qualities before offering your service proposal which helps you to seal the deal without lowering your price.

One of the major qualities to be considered in offering janitorial services is creating a well-written and well-designed proposal.

No matter whatever the building type is, you don’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to providing the best cleaning services.

Mostly the janitorial company misses taking advantage of the well-designed powerful proposal.

A winning proposal can be used as a great tool that should focus on the efforts to impress a client which many janitorial businesses don’t use to its full potential.

There are few key things that should not be ignored while creating a winning proposal. Here are some of them:

1. Communicate about the services you are offering

You should make sure that you mention all the necessary services with the detailed descriptions provided by you including the type of cleaning service, labor, supervision, and equipment to assure the performance of the specified cleaning service to the customer.

Make sure that you provide the customers with full availability of the services and furnish the supplies inclusive of all the services subscribed by them and not only limited to cleaning crew, disinfectants, etc.

Similarly, assuring the availability of the equipment for the cleaning service and agreeing to provide secure storage from the customer is also an important thing to be considered while preparing the proposal.

2. Build rapport through authenticity

Never forget that authenticity and being genuine is the cornerstone for building trust. Without any valid reference from your company, it is not easy to convince a client, no matter how long you tried to convince him/her on a call.

For maintaining the authenticity of your company, you can also add an attachment of your official documents in the proposal while mailing it as a reference for your clients to avoid trust issues in the future.

It can be a legal authorized certificate, license or agreement issued in the name of your company to provide janitorial services. An attachment always acts as a source of proof of the services you are providing which helps you to gain the trust of the clients which is the most important aspect of any business.

3. Maintain a proper schedule of the cleaning services

Always assure that your team consists of professionally trained associates and their availability at the customer’s place as per the schedule decided between the customer and the service provider.

Make sure that you always mention the work schedule which includes the working days in a week and working hours per day.

Also, make sure that you adopt such a work schedule where you can coincide with the needs and requests of the customers in such a manner that it doesn’t affect the cost of operations.

4. Make the payment description easy to understand

Don’t complicate the payment description such that the customers need to think twice before proceeding with the process.

Always make sure that the payment description is easy to understand and calculate even after charging all the taxes (if any).

Be clear about the payment methods and always try to make things easy for the customers such that they should feel that they have chosen the best service providers.

Also, always maintain clarity about the payment policies because it plays a vital role as the customer ultimately focuses on the pricing model as it assures that whether the services offered are worth the prices paid by the customer.

5. Be clear about the terms and conditions

You should always be clear about the terms and conditions of the services provided by you to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

Make sure that it includes details such as the validity of the services subscribed by the customer stating the period for which you are providing the services.

Also, if a customer wants to discontinue the services in the middle of the time, then make sure that you mention all the conditions which you want the customer to fulfill it before terminating the services.

All you need to do is to focus on the needs and daily challenges faced by the customers in hiring the cleaning service providers and fulfill it such that your first impression will attract the customer easily.

This can be achieved by creating a good proposal which includes all the above mentioned key points and satisfies the required needs instead of spending long hours on a call to convince him/her.

And the best part is, TimeConnect helps you to achieve your client goals by preparing a winning proposal to achieve new heights.

You can design a professional janitorial service proposal with TimeConnect’s help as it suggests you to add all the necessary qualities to be mentioned in a proposal to impress a client.

By using TimeConnect’s cleaning services template, it is much easier for you to generate the proposal and can email it to the client directly through the software as it is best known for its services in this cleaning industry.