Cleaning Service Upsells You Can Offer Customers to Increase Profit for Your Residential Cleaning Business

Cleaning Service Upsells You Can Offer Customers to Increase Profit for Your Residential Cleaning Business

Oct 23, 2022 | Mike
Closing cleaning service deals and getting customers to buy more residential cleaning service offers from your company is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your cleaning business. If you are looking to make more profit for your cleaning business, then you might want to consider upselling additional cleaning services to your existing customers. 

Providing add on cleaning services is called upselling. In simple terms, a cleaning upsell is an additional cleaning service you can offer your cleaning customers after they have bought your cleaning service - just to make sure you get more profit by earning extra dollars. 

While upselling goes a long way to help you make more profit, ensure that you follow a strategic approach before pushing offers. You don't want to get aggressive with offers and piss the customer off by appearing desperate. Your goal should be to help your customers meet their cleaning needs in the long term. Interestingly, it is much more difficult to drive sales from new cleaning prospects than from existing clients. 

This means that upselling cleaning services to your customers is a great approach to not only help you stay in business, but to also ensure you're not losing good money. The best part is that existing clients are also likely to invest in your cleaning upsell ideas after a wonderful customer experience doing business with you. What's more to that? It's a win-win for your residential cleaning business! 

Here are four (4) cleaning service upsell ideas you can offer your customers without spending any extra cost to increase profit for your residential cleaning business. 

Refrigerator Cleaning

Every modern home has a cooling appliance. Refrigerators are regularly used appliances that are overlooked and kept unclean for a long period of time, causing dirt accumulation. In most cases, change of seasons are followed by months of grime and grunge buildup in refrigerators used by many homeowners. 

You should consider pitching your clients about refrigerator cleaning in their homes at the beginning of every new season because that is when they're most likely going to buy your pitch. Also, it is very important to consider adding smart cleaning leave behinds such as refrigerator magnets or clog removers to make your refrigerator upsell offer more attractive to customers. 

Home Organization

Another upselling strategy to bring in some extra dollars is to offer to help your existing clients organize their homes. From unclean window blinds to a calendar hanging loosely on the wall, unruly furniture arrangements and pantries to kitchen wares - there's so much more you can do to keep the homes of your customers looking organized and in good shape at an extra, inexpensive cost. 

A good way to pitch this upsell idea to customers is to focus on the benefits of an organized home. Your customers will be more likely to buy your offer if they understand what's in it for them. 

Furniture Cleaning

One of the best upsell ideas is furniture cleaning add on service.  If a client invests in a service such as carpet or rug cleaning, it would be super okay to pitch a related service such as furniture cleaning to them. 

Considering that furniture such as chairs and couches get dusty and dirty over time, wouldn't it be wise to add on upholstery care when carrying out carpet or rug cleaning? Furniture cleaning upsell works best too after hard floor cleaning and if you notice the need for leather care. A simple note with your contact details would make a perfect leave behind - especially when the note says something serious about improper furniture care with the price of your upsell offer right on it.

Ceiling Cleaning

Another important add on to consider upselling to your customers involve higher-reach areas like ceiling fans, bulbs and the customer's home ceiling in general. Higher-reach areas are often overlooked in homes and house the most amount of dirt. In most cases, unpleasant stuff like cobwebs may be found littered all over the ceiling due to infrequent cleaning by homeowners.  

Before pitching your customers about this add on, you should remind them of the benefits of having a clean ceiling. Try to make them understand that without a clean ceiling, then the surfaces of every other item in their homes might get pretty dusty and dirty sooner than they had expected. 

With a clean ceiling on the other hand, all of that filth will be avoided. Offer to clean any appliance like ceiling fans or bulbs on the ceiling to make your upsell more appealing to them. To make your cleaning service receive some classy respect, consider using as perfect leave behind such as scent diffusion fragrance from an air freshener to keep the surrounding air in the home and smelling nice. 


Including add ons as part of your upsell strategy can be achieved through the use of online booking forms, all of which are available by leveraging automated systems and softwares. One such software for a small cleaning company that allows website form integration is TimeConnect. 

If you're a small cleaning business owner looking to start operation but have no website yet, TimeConnect offers free cleaning websites to companies who don't have a website. With TimeConnect, cleaning business owners can also integrate an online booking form on their website which allows them to place add ons right in one place. 

Another smart advantage you'll get while using TimeConnect is our direct email booking notifications. Notification about all your add ons that have been booked are sent directly to your email with other important details to keep you on track. What are you waiting for? Try TimeConnect today!