Automate Janitorial Timekeeping Process Using TimeConnect

Time to Automate Janitorial Timekeeping Process Using TimeConnect

Sep 02, 2021 | Paresh

As highlighted by several market forecast reports, the professional cleaning services market in the USA will grow consistently despite the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Both businesses and startups will avail of professional janitorial services to curtail the time and resources required to clean and maintain their commercial properties. But your janitorial business can acquire new clients and achieve high growth only by retaining skilled employees, improving cleaning efficiency, and delivering cleaning services on time.

You can use the right janitorial time tracking software to address one of the key challenges through automation of the timekeeping and time tracking process. The timekeeping automation will enable you to deliver janitorial services to additional clients by improving employee performance and productivity. Also, you can ensure that the right janitorial service is provided to every client on time by making the employees install the janitorial time tracking app on their mobile devices.

Why Automate Timekeeping Using Janitorial Time Tracking Software Like TimeConnect?

1. Create and Inform Work Schedules in Advance

Your janitorial business has to work with field and remote employees. You cannot deliver the customized cleaning services to every client by creating work schedules in advance. At the same time, you need to ensure her work schedule is conveyed to every employee clearly and timely. The multi-feature janitorial time tracking software helps you to create schedules by checking the availability of employees in real-time. Also, it conveys work schedules to every employee by sending automated emails and text messages.

2. Ensure and Maintain Service Quality

Your janitorial business can retain existing clients and acquire new clients only by providing superior and customized cleaning services. You cannot maintain service quality when employees have to complete the tasks in a short amount of time. While creating schedules, you need to ensure that every employee gets adequate time to perform her cleaning duties accurately and systematically. The janitorial time tracking app installed on employees’ smartphones helps you to ensure that no employee sacrifices the quality of work.  

3. Avoid Unnecessary Delays

Enterprises working with field employees find it challenging to identify unnecessary delays and reduce idle time. Hence, they have to hire additional employees and temp employees to ensure timely and customized cleaning service delivery. But the janitorial time tracking app installed on employees’ mobile devices enables you to capture clock-in and clock-out time accurately and automatically. You can further use the software to ensure that employee is present at the job site physically and performing cleaning tasks according to the schedule.

4. Generate Digitized Timesheets

Most janitorial businesses still use handwritten timesheets. The employees always update and send the handwritten timesheets to supervisors after completing their shifts. Also, the supervisors have to put extra time and effort to verify the accuracy of the timesheets shared by employees. But the janitorial time tracking software helps supervisors to generate automated timesheets based on real-time data. The software generates and updates timesheets accurately based on the clock-in and clock-out information captured using the janitorial time tracking app.

5. Leverage Automated Wage Calculators

Your janitorial business has to work with both regular and temporary employees to ensure professional cleaning service delivery. That is why; you need to put in extra time and effort to calculate wages and manage payroll regularly. The janitorial time tracking software solutions often come with built-in wage calculators. You can use the wage calculator to calculate wages accurately and automatically based on the digital timesheet. Hence, you can use the same software to streamlines and automate multiple processes – timekeeping, payroll management, and invoice generation.

TimeConnect is one of the new-age software solutions that automate janitorial timekeeping and time tracking process using the Global Positioning System. The GPS makes the janitorial time tracking software capture effective in capturing location information of employees accurately and effortlessly. Hence, the supervisor or manager ensures that every employee completes the cleaning tasks within the preset timeline simply by making them use the janitorial time tracking app for iOS or Android.