5 Unique and Creative Cleaning Business Advertising Ideas

5 Unique and Creative Cleaning Business Advertising Ideas

Oct 01, 2022 | Norman
Cleaning businesses gained tremendous popularity in 2020 during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Many homes were used as offices and our general understanding of work environments changed drastically. Since advertising is a very important aspect of every business, cleaning business advertising is one of the major determinant factors that contribute to the success or failure of cleaning service businesses. Advertising campaigns are cost intensive and require professional expertise in order to achieve significant results. 

Like many other businesses, cleaning service providers  encounter a lot of challenges in acquiring  leads for their business. In order to reach more prospects for your cleaning business, you will have to be more intentional about targeting your prospects. One important factor to consider when starting out is trust, and trust must be earned before customers can accept to invite you or your team into their homes.   

Here are 5 unique and creative cleaning business advertising ideas designed to improve your marketing strategy, increase your customer base, create better opportunities, and take your business to the next level. 

1. Avoid Selling Yourself Outrightly

The goal of every advertising campaign in marketing is to get leads that convert. However, going all out to sell will strike a negative thought in the minds of your prospects. By doing so, you may be interpreted as being desperate. Your job is to provide a solution to their cleaning needs, not sell yourself away. Instead, consider offering free cleaning advice and do a few free jobs when you can to establish trust. Ensure that you educate your audience about the importance of a clean environment. Give value by sharing content like office cleaning tips and step-by-step home cleaning guides. Remember, the goal is to make sure you're the first brand they remember when there's a need for cleaning service. 

2. Engage Your Audience On Social Media 

Finding and keeping prospects is a pretty good job of its own. This is where social media comes in. You need to understand your target audience in order to empathize with them. Social media is the best place to meet new prospects for your cleaning business. All you have to do is join social groups that have the same ideals with your business. 

Share regular content and engage with prospects in the comment section on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Ensure to always respond in time. This is a great way to create some connection with your prospective customers. If you are not  allowed to post promotional content, then share free advice and consultation in the form of cleaning tips and guides. 

3. Invest In Cold Emailing

The age old system of advertising by email, also known as cold emailing, still works. Try reaching out to your prospects via email and ensure that you keep in touch with them especially for seasonal cleaning purposes. Cold emailing keeps your brand in the minds of your customers for as long as your campaign lasts. 

Choose a reliable CRM tool for this purpose and always ensure that your follow-ups are in line with your strategy. To get the most of your cold emailing experience, consider creating personalized emails according to each category of customers in your email list. For example, it is better to send different email contents to companies and individuals who need home cleaning service. 

4. Join Local Business Listings and Review Websites

Being a part of a local business listing website is one of the best ways to put yourself out there for prospects to find you. The best part is that you can offer to sell your services on listing websites for free, although some require paid memberships which you can enjoy at relatively fair prices. 

Also, most prospects head to review websites before they actually buy your service. They hope to find some reassurance that you're trustworthy and reliable. Google, TrustPilot, Yelp and HomeAdvisor are a few websites you might want to consider that can help you get started for free!

5. Be Intentional About Your Advertising Strategy

Not all campaign strategies produce results. Infact, you can spend a lot of money on Google ads, Yelp deals, Facebook and Instagram marketplaces, invest time and effort in tracking progress but still get a surprisingly low impact on your business sales. 

The goal is to make sure that your advertising reaches those it was meant for - companies or individuals who need cleaning service in their office or homes. Like every other advertisement, whether offline or online, you need to be very intentional about your advertising to achieve results. 

Always carry out proper research to understand your prospects before going aggressive with your ad campaigns. You have to also consider advertising in the right places. This will ensure the effectiveness of your strategy by putting you in front of the people who will most likely be interested in your cleaning services.