Top 5 Cleaning Business Software Solutions for Small Businesses

Top 5 Cleaning Business Software Solutions for Small Businesses

Sep 29, 2021 | Audrey

As highlighted by several market research studies, the cleaning service market has been growing consistently. But cleaning business owners can achieve and sustain profitable growth without beating the competition. The smarter entrepreneurs and business owners these days leverage cleaning business software solutions to curtail operating costs, improve customer experience, and beat the competition through automation.

The cleaning service software solutions come with built-in features to automate multiple processes. Some of the software solutions for cleaning businesses are developed with features to boost both customer acquisition and customer retention. But every owner or entrepreneur must compare the widely used cleaning business software solutions using a slew of parameters to leverage process automation and digital transformation.

Comparing 5 Widely Used Cleaning Service Software Solutions for Small Businesses

1) Deputy

While using Deputy, users have the option to access three distinct applications – scheduling software, time tracking software, and mobile app. The managers, supervisors, and cleaning staff can access the Deputy mobile app anytime and anywhere on their smartphones. At the same time, Deputy scheduling and time tracking software enable managers to manage cleaning staff efficiently by controlling scheduling and communication from a centralized and unified location. However, Deputy is used widely by cleaning service providers as cleaning service scheduling software.

2) Connectteam

Connectteam helps small businesses to manage cleaning staff efficiently through automation of a slew of routine activities – employee scheduling, time tracking, employee communication, and employee training. The cleaning service software ensures uses GPS geofencing to ensure that every employee reaches the client site and performed cleaning tasks according to preset schedules. Also, Connectteam makes it easier for managers to create and customize schedules by checking real-time employee availability based on GPS location staff. Many cleaning businesses opt for Connectteam to automate employee scheduling and communication.

3) TimeConnect

TimeConnect is one of the new-age software solutions for cleaning businesses. It is developed with native features to complement the needs of businesses providing janitorial office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning services. A cleaning service provider can use TimeConnect to automate multiple processes – bidding, scheduling, timekeeping, employee tracking, and invoicing - without investing in multiple software solutions. Also, the multi-feature software helps cleaning businesses to manage field employees efficiently and improve service quality consistently by leveraging the Global Positioning System (GPS).

4) DoTimely

The professional cleaning software aims to help small businesses stay organized and save resources while staying connected with customers and cleaning employees. A cleaning business can use DoTimely to automate recurring activities like scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, payment tracking, and report generation. At the same time, owners can leverage the communication options included in DoTimely to stay connected with customers by sending information in multiple formats – text, photo, and video. Likewise, they can use the software to send real-time notifications to employees regardless of their location.

5) ZenMaid Software

ZenMaid is not developed as customized software for cleaning businesses. The cloud-based software solution was developed with the aim to simplify and automate maid services. But many cleaning service providers these days use ZenMaid Software as an easy-to-use and customizable scheduling solution. The scheduling software helps cleaning businesses automate and accelerate the scheduling process. In addition to creating schedules and sending work orders to cleaning employees, ZenMaid facilitates the automation of client appointments.


Cleaning software sends follow-ups and reminders to the clients after the initial appointment. The cleaning businesses and cleaning service providers have the option to choose from a wide range of cleaning business software solutions. But decision-makers must remember that cleaning service software solutions differ from each other in many aspects – accessibility, usability, flexibility, customizability, and security. That is why; they can pick the perfect software for cleaning businesses only by comparing various options according to their precise needs.